This is the blog of Keven James Bramwell, an inmate in a maximum security Texas prison. These are his real-life stories of life in prison, and how he got there. Behind brick walls, steel doors, and iron gates, he shares the pages of his journals with the world. (Some material is adult in nature – reader discretion advised.) Cannot be reproduced without permission. COPYRIGHT 2011

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In So Many Words

and it aches

that place in my soul

where the notes scroll

lost keys on a chord

bolted doors closed

the forgotten words

a voice unheard

and where do I turn

please no more — no more

and all the signs say that I

have the answers

like they are hidden inside

and that is all that really matters

but there’s a song left unsung

in a book with unwritten chapters

and without the wings of my heart

a petal from a flower

and it aches

that place in my soul

a story untold

a hand that still holds

all the world

never let go — wings that can’t fold

in so many words

in so many … words

–Keven James, September 2015

Make A Wish

From deep within the Texas prison system days away from my 37th birthday, I balance the framework of hope, against the weight of the world. I think about who I am today, and who I was ten years ago. How I’ve managed the complexities of adhering to an underground world and, at the same time, somehow keeping my head above water.
Under the intensity of buzzing lights, the slamming of steel doors, and the continuous chime of keys, I diligently search for priceless moments of silence and peace. The ramifications of having little to no escape becomes toxic and debilitating. Running on fumes, there are times when you unconsciously become a part of the herd. Everything and almost everyone here challenges you. I’ve had to bend, mold, and intrinsically emulate all the aspects of what it takes to survive in a Texas maximum security prison. There is no such thing as being a wallflower. Take everything you imagine and multiply it by 10… That’s the first 30 days.
The man in the mirror I see today isn’t afraid to look away. From the inside out, I’ve faced head on the elements of my character that have often failed me. I haven’t reached inside this place in hopes of finding justice or forgiveness. I’ve dug for answers inside myself, when all that was left was my tempered heart barely beating. If I hurt you, I’ve spoken to you and I’ve cried a million times the tears caused in your world, in your life. How do you search for answers to questions your soul is afraid to ask? You rebuild yourself from the ground up, and you become the man you were created to be.
I don’t suffer these days from the claws of the past that gripped me ferociously. I don’t stand unevenly on a foundation build of shame and torment. Neither do I ignore the tragic result of having done so for many years of my life. I take each day one day at a time, though I have never counted them. I collected the moments of my life that are priceless, and will forever save them. My faith in God, in my friends, and in myself, is much greater than my fears. I feel like I’ve spent the last ten years learning how to untangle myself from a place and time that wrapped around me like a spool of thread. Mentally and emotionally breaking free from the very things that caused me to be physically held captive by a ball and chain.
I have lost so much in my 37 years. My life has not ended, though it feels like it has repeatedly time and time again. I have not given up, even though they say the road ahead dead ends in concrete and steel. My heart still beats like the wings of wild birds in a cage. My purpose and reason is not defined, but I am entirely certain it has already been planned. Do I succumb in the absence of freedom, of forgiveness? Or do I stand firm knowing that I’m a changed man who still deserves to celebrate his next birthday.
–Keven James, September 2015

There Is No I In Keven

There are some things that should be said

now, after ten years I’ll say them

you weren’t around when it was happening

when I fell apart, but I climbed back up again

Remember my name written in your diary

You spelled it wrong, there is no I, two E’s

It feels good, to care less about the consequence

Shit, even behind bars you can’t silence me

I walked for miles with ice pick pain

The sound of your voice, glass in my veins

Haunting the hours even when I dream

It’s crazy how your misery brought out the be(a)st in me

Now isn’t it amazing, all that’s become

I’ve changed in ways I know you’ll never learn

I lost it all, but somehow kept my own

that flame in my heart still forever burns

There’s a true freedom that few will find

A hidden place in each of us where it resides

Don’t wait for it to find you, leap into the tides

Let go of the darkness and embrace the light.

–Keven James, July 2015

“Let your mistakes be a comma, not a period” –Anonymous


Sometimes I feel like my journey has ended… Then there are times where I feel it has just begin.

–Keven James Bramwell

When Stars Collide

All New Artwork by Keven James Bramwell — April 2015
This new collection of abstract/pop-art is called When Stars Collide


“The Flame”



“Charlie Brandon”




“P.S .. Butterfly”


“Lady M”







“Just Begun”




“Midnight Hour”





Into The Depths

On the edge of extinction
In the depths of despair
Where do you turn to
When there’s nobody there

Your days & nights spent alone
On legs that can’t hold
The weight of the world
That bares on your soul

–Keven James, April 2015



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